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Big of the Year offers advice

Big of the Year Beth Hendrickson says being a Big Sister is “amazing.” But that doesn’t mean that it’s always simple to balance her friendship with Little Sister Akasha with everything else going on in her life.

If her schedule doesn’t mesh with Akasha’s, Hendrickson makes sure to contact her another way. Sending off a short text or email, writing a letter, or sending photos are all ways she’s reached out to Akasha when they have difficulty finding time to get together. “It’s always on my mind. I think about her every day.”

Hendrickson’s advice for other Bigs is simple. “If you’re going to do it, make sure you’re all in,” she says. She stresses that being ready for a long-term commitment is important because those are the matches that have the greatest impact. In addition, Hendrickson says, “You have to be consistent.”

One thing Hendrickson wants other Bigs to know is “you don’t have to spend money. It’s about the time.” Weaving the friendship into your daily life is easy, she says. “We’re going to eat anyway, so she can come to our house and eat. We’re going to walk the dog anyway, so she can come along.

“What you do together doesn’t have to be an event.”

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