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BBBS donors + match support = long, life-changing friendships

My Little Sister Chloe and I recently celebrated a milestone: five years of friendship. I’m not sharing this to boast but rather to thank and recognize those who’ve made our match possible.

First on my mind are Big Brothers Big Sisters’ donors. Numerous individuals, businesses and organizations contribute funds to allow more than 1,000 local children to receive the caring guidance of a mentor each year. But even Bigs (and even Bigs who are CEOs) need support and advice sometimes. BBBS’ match support staff has guided and supported me as I’ve sought to be a good role model, mentor and friend to Chloe.

Match support staff’s contribution to the success of long-term matches does not stop with advice for Bigs like me. They also connect families like Chloe’s with community resources as needed. I’ve seen first-hand the difference this has made in Chloe’s life. This multi-faceted match support is possible because of the financial support of generous donors.

But did you know that other types of contributions allow Bigs and Littles to explore the community together, having new experiences and forging stronger bonds?

Over the years, Chloe and I have enjoyed many events made possible by local businesses and organizations. These events helped bring us together in the early days while we got to know one another and now they help strengthen our bond as we take part in activities that we otherwise may not have been able to experience. Donors have made it possible for us to make candles, paint pottery, cheer at KWings hockey games, take in plays at Miller Auditorium, explore a pumpkin patch, and even learn the sport of curling.

As a Big Sister, I say thank you for making my match and more than 1,000 others possible. You are changing lives!