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BBBS staff support leads to strong, successful Big/Little friendships

In 2016, the outcomes for children in our program continued to be strong. Littles are:

  • more likely to graduate from high school on time;
  • more likely to be successful after high school in work or advanced education; and
  • less likely to put their future in jeopardy by engaging in activities that could limit their future success.

When children have an additional dedicated, caring role model in their life, they gain the confidence and courage to branch out and try new activities. Our Littles learn to take productive, well thought-out risks and they are open to learning new skills.The Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mentoring program is designed to achieve these results. What sets our program apart from others is the professionally trained staff that work with each Big, Little, and parent. This support, coaching, and encouragement leads to strong, successful Big/Little friendships.

Our staff provides individualized support to each match to ensure that the Bigs are equipped to support their Littles in achieving their goals and dreams. If a Big needs to know how to help their Little during a difficult time in their life, their assigned match support specialist – who knows both the Big and Little – is there to offer guidance.

Littles’ parents are also assisted by our staff who help them find resources needed for their families. And our match support specialists are there to ensure that the Littles are happy and safe in their friendship with their Big.

Our staff takes great pride in watching these relationships grow, develop and blossom. We are honored to walk alongside and support children, parents, and volunteers as our Littles’ lives are changed for the better, forever.