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Big List of Books for Littles

In March we celebrated National Reading Month! We asked you what books you’ve found to be the most supportive, exciting, and knowledgeable for our Littles to read and share with their Bigs, families, and classmates.

Through your recommendations, and some top choices from Scholastic, NPR, and New York Times book-lists, below you’ll find  some reads that offer an entire universe of knowledge, adventure, insight, and entertainment. Reading is an exciting way that our Bigs and Littles live into BBBS’s mission. When Big/Little matches read together, they grow a Little’s potential, and build a deeper connection. Sharing stories encourages reflection and personal growth.

Use the lists below (which link to Bookbug, local bookseller) with your Little to explore new subjects, expand your knowledge of a historical figure or event, and share your love of reading:

AGES 6-8:

AGES 8-10:

AGES 10-12:

Ages 13-16:

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