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Celebrating Local Black Heroes: Marissa Harrington

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Marissa Harrington is a local realtor and associate broker. A Western Michigan University Theatre graduate, Harrington is passionate about creating a more equitable community.

Her client-centered real-estate business, Team Harrington, works hard to take the stress out of the homebuying process.


A Los Angeles native, Harrington feels strongly that “housing and homeownership are a right.”

She explains, “I give back by advocating for homeownership in our community. I teach first-time home buyer’s courses, and work in partnership with local housing agencies to provide housing to those in need.”

Harrington serves on the Kalamazoo Civil Rights board. She makes recommendations to the City on how discriminatory policies and practices can be changed.


Harrington’s business coach inspires her to take calculated risks and be intentional in everything she does. Additionally, her business coach reminds her to work on not just her business, but also herself.

Harrington’s children, she explains, give her the energy to continue to make an impact on the community.


Harrington practices self-care through a combination of yoga, time with loved ones, “mommy vacations,” and sticking to boundaries. Prayer and meditation help her to stay centered amidst the many hats she wears.


Harrington serves as a board member of a number of organizations, including Read and Write Kalamazoo.

“I hope to be an encouragement around finding what you are passionate about and seeing how you can make an impact with those gifts and talents,” Harrington shares.

Marissa Harrington advocates for housing and homeownership as a right. Her drive to create a more equitable community impacts our community in a deep, meaningful way. This, paired with her fearless stance against discrimination, are the ways she paves the path for everyone to have the opportunity to make an impact through their gifts and talents.