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Celebrating Local Black Heroes: Torean Greeley

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Torean Greeley is a Risk Management Consultant for HUB International and board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters. He shares, “My mentor told me that he’s not successful until he helps others achieve their goals. I want to do the same for others.”


Greeley gives back to the community by helping “local business owners and entrepreneurs realize and preserve their dreams by protecting their key assets through insurance programs.” He goes on to explain, “This position also affords me the time and ability to serve and advocate for local non-profit organizations.”  

When asked to share how he hopes to impact others, Greeley shares, “I hope that I can help to show young Black men and women in my community that you don’t have to look a certain way, be from a certain type of family, or live in a certain area to be successful.”


Greeley explains that his parents have inspired him throughout his life. Their influence has helped shape many of Greeley’s values. He shares, “Watching [his mother’s] hard work and perseverance in serving youth has influenced me heavily. My dad also worked human services and left a strong impression with most anyone he encountered. I always admired his ability to make anyone feel like family.

Every day, we see the product of his parents’ influence in the ways that Greeley advocates passionately for the youth at Big Brothers Big Sisters.


We asked BBBS’s very own Kathy Praedel, Community Engagement Coordinator, to share a little bit about Greeley with us. She gushes, “Torean joined our Junior Leadership Committee (JLC) over 5 years ago and in January 2021, he accepted a leadership role as the BBBS Board Co-Liaison to JLC. It’s been a delight working with him on numerous initiatives; he consistently gives 110%.

Torean is respected; he’s a role model for other young professionals. If I was allowed to create a title for Torean, it would be ‘community connector.’ He seems to have connections with people from all sectors of the community who also want to empower the potential of youth. Torean is already well on his way in creating a powerful legacy.


We asked Greeley to share how he takes care of himself, amidst all of his responsibilities. He remarks, “I think that finding alone time is key for me … whether it be a few minutes, or an hour where I can be still, quiet, and find my peace.  I’m a strong believer in that I can not help anyone else if I am not taking care of myself.

“I hope to leave a legacy of service, empathy, growth, perseverance, and love,” Greeley states. Through his dedicated work with our agency and in the community, Greeley’s hopes are felt deeply by everyone he encounters.