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Celebrating Local Black Youth: Jahleel “DJ Boogie” Fisher

Join us in celebrating Black excellence this month and throughout the year. This Black History Month we highlight local Black youth and the impact they’ve made in their communities. You can find all of the Local Black Heroes we’ve featured since 2020 here. Sign up for our to get updates in your inbox and learn more about the impact of local heroes in your community.

Jahleel Fisher, known locally as DJ Boogie, is a student and DJ in Kalamazoo. On top of bringing music to local events, this 7th-grade entrepreneur is a basketball player and straight-A student. He makes his name known through his music and business skills, and by showing up for his community.


Inspired by his step-mom, Kandace Lavender (Check out her Local Black Hero feature from 2021 here!), Fisher has followed her example of musicianship. Lavender, an internationally known poet and vocalist, teaches Fisher about music, business, and how to manage money.

“I have my own DJing business… if it weren’t for her guidance and support, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today,” Fisher explains. “I can talk to her about anything.”

I want other Black youth to feel hopeful, and to know that they can do anything they put their mind to. Jahleel Fisher


Fisher volunteers in the community through his work as a DJ. He can often be found hyping up the crowd at events with his family, including Rootead’s Juneteenth celebration and events hosted by KydNet.

Fisher hopes to earn a doctoral degree one day. It is his dream to become a psychiatrist and devote most of his time to helping Black youth. “I want other kids to understand that they can do anything, no matter where they come from,” he shares.


Fisher hopes that others look at him and see that all things are possible if you work hard and treat others well. DJ Boogie will go down in community history as a young business owner who is motivated to uplift others. His passion for music paired with his ambitious goals set him apart, ensuring that he will be remembered as a role-model to many in Kalamazoo.