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Celebrating Local Black Heroes: Curtis Woods Jr.

Curtis Woods Jr., an Army National Guard veteran and local entrepreneur, is a pillar in Southwest Michigan for the ways he gives back and the example he sets.

Woods, who “aspires to increase people’s abilities through their God given talents,” collaborates with other entrepreneurs to help them with their businesses.  His warm and generous demeanor are evident through all of the ways he supports our community.


Among many things, Woods is a mentor with Men of Purpose. This local organization of mentors encourages male youth to grow into “successful men, providers, and protectors of their families.” He is a role model not just for the youth he mentors, but for all those around him because of his distinctive desire to take care of his community.

When he’s not mentoring, working on his businesses, or helping others build their own, Woods can be found helping out local organizations.

He spent every Tuesday for 10 years volunteering with Upton Church in Battle Creek cooking food for the homeless. He also spent 10 years volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. In fact, he volunteered there for so long that they invited him to join their staff!

A man of many talents, Woods hopes to one day be remembered for the way he changes people’s lives.


Woods shares that he “loves to help others.” He credits his mother, Josephine Brown, another Local Black Hero, with instilling this love in him. He says she taught him about the importance of giving back, and taught him that “you have to give to get.”

Brown led by example and forcing Woods to volunteer while he was growing up. Now, Woods volunteers and helps others in the community on a regular basis. Because of her accountability and influence, Woods is the man he is today. Our community feels the impact of her influence every single day.


For all of the ways that Woods has given back to the community, he admits that he has “never felt valued when working for someone else.” This led him to entrepreneurship. As the owner of PJW Creole Cuisine and his construction company, 600 Dollar Man, Woods feels strongly about both working on his own businesses, and helping other entrepreneurs do the same.

Woods’ willingness to share his knowledge and expertise with others, paired with the way he serves his community wholeheartedly, make him an absolute pillar of influence in Southwest Michigan.