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“…Everyone Deserves to Have Someone Rooting For Them.” -Nathifa Sligh, Director of Programs

Nathifa Sligh joined the BBBSMI team in May as the Director of Programs!

“BBBS, in my opinion, is an opportunity to shape the future of our local communities in a positive way,” Sligh explains.

She continues, “I am excited about this work because everyone deserves to have someone rooting for them. A champion. Someone to stand in their corner and say, ‘I am here for you when you need me. I see you. I hear you and you and your story matters to me.’”


Sligh, a graduate of Western Michigan University with a Master’s degree in Social Work, is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and an Associate Certified Academic Life Coach. She loves to help people learn about themselves and learn how they can use their gifts and talents to positively impact their everyday lives. 

Originally from Monrovia, Liberia, Sligh moved to the United States when she was 10 years old. In her spare time, she loves to paint, travel, listen to books, and spend time with her husband and two boys.


One of Sligh’s college advisors taught her the importance of practicing self-care while working in the social work field. He explained to her that it is okay to turn off “work mode” at the end of the day: an instrumental practice to avoid burnout.

Further, he encouraged her to press into her curiosity and pursue the things that interest her, as it always leads to a positive impact.


Sligh is motivated by the idea that “you will reap what you sow.” She explains, “It reminds me that in order to receive the things, relationships, and success I desire, I have to sow the right seeds for the thing I am pursuing. This pushes me to keep digging, investing, and pouring everything I can into what I am working on.”


When asked what advice she has for someone thinking about becoming a volunteer mentor Sligh offers, “We all love stories where one person impacts a child’s life and that child then grows up and impacts dozens of other people and those people impact dozens of others … The beauty about it is that it always starts with one person. That person could be you. 

“This is about the legacy you want to leave in your community … If we choose to go for it and commit, we, in the end, are the ones who benefit the most. So, I would encourage you to be a Big. Leave an impact and leave a legacy.”

If you are interested in responding to Nathifa’s call to leave a legacy by becoming a Big, please click here.