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In Gratitude.

Thank you for all of the ways you support mentoring. From donations, to signing up to become a Big, to spreading the word- our work is possible because of you.

Because of your generous support, more kids met their mentor this year. New program opportunities and partnerships are being developed and realized at every turn. Our community showed up for event after event- Bowl for Kids’ Sake, Benefit Dinner, Match Makers- and will again next weekend at Fire & Ice.

Volunteer recruitment events across our 4-county service area spread the word about youth optimistically waiting for their new mentor. Bigs in Schools programs started back up, and more Littles are meeting their Bigs every single month.

Thank you.

This work matters, and it could not have happened without your support.

Little Sister Aniyah and her Big Sister Codie stand outside, dressed professionally, smiling at the camera. Aniyah is holding a bouquet of flowers.
Little Sister Aniyah and Big Sister Codie

Your support means matches like Codie and Aniyah, who have been matched for over 8 years, are able to continue growing their friendship, with the support and expertise of Big Brothers Big Sisters staff.

What makes Codie truly special is her ability to provide guidance and support. She's always there for me, ready to lend a listening ear or offer advice when I need it most. She's genuine, loyal, and supportive, and I couldn't ask for a better mentor. Little Sister Aniyah about her Big Sister Codie

Their friendship started like every new match does- with lots of nerves and eager anticipation. Today, they consider one another family. Tamarra, Aniyah’s mom, feels the same way. She shares, “Codie’s presence is a blessing and the blessings are so big. She has shown Aniyah so much more than we ever expected. I’m so grateful that she teaches her to look at the future and not just the present.”

Codie and Aniyah stand, smiling at the camera.

You make it possible, from your financial support, to your volunteerism, to your sharing our emails and social media posts.

Thank you for the myriad ways you support Big Brothers Big Sisters.

You are igniting the power and promise of youth, and we couldn’t be more grateful.