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Match Makers change kids’ lives for the better, forever.


The power of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is the one-to-one relationship each Big has with their Little. This relationship begins at the Match Date – that is when the Big is introduced to their Little and his/her family, and the relationship begins.

I’m a Big Sister, and I’ll never forget my match date. It was a cold Wednesday night in December, and I remember pulling up to my Little Sister Chloe’s house, feeling nervous, hoping she’d like me and we would connect. As I walked up to the house, I saw her looking through the window, and when I rang the bell, she ran to open the door. She also looked nervous and excited. Her mom, Holly, was right behind her, looking eager to meet me. But I could tell she was wondering if I would be the best Big Sister for her daughter, the one who could change her life for the better, forever…

I’ll also never forget meeting her younger brother Conner. He was waiting for a Big Brother, and while I could tell he was excited for Chloe, it was clear that he wanted a Big Brother to spend time with him.

There continue to be more than 200 children like Conner waiting to be matched with a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple, or Big Family. Those children are all waiting for their Match Date, waiting for their Big.

The large number of children waiting for Bigs is why Match Makers, our new monthly-donation program, was created. When you become a Match Maker, you become a monthly giver and, through your regular donations, are helping the agency to expand services to these waiting children.

By having this steady support each month, our team has the resources needed to recruit Bigs, make the memories of the Match Date, and support the matches so they can succeed. I became a Match Maker because I’m able to donate more; it’s easier since it’s a monthly withdrawal; and most importantly, each month I know I’m having an impact on the children who get matched.
Becoming a Match Maker is easy. Simply go to to join.

Please consider joining Match Makers and helping Conner and children like him become matched with Bigs. Together, we can change their lives for the better, forever.