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Parents and Guardians Make Matches Possible

In honor of Mother’s Day, we celebrate parent/guardian involvement and all the ways parents and guardians make Big/Little matches possible.


At Big Brothers Big Sisters, parents and guardians are the catalyst for igniting potential.

Parents and guardians choose to bring a mentor into their child’s life. They know that Bigs work in tandem with parents/guardians to help clear the path to a child’s biggest possible future.

The mentor’s role is not to take the place of the parent/guardian, but to be an extra person in the child’s corner. The Big provides encouragement, coaching, and friendship alongside the parent/guardian.

Parents and guardians of Littles stay connected with Big Brothers Big Sisters through regular conversations with BBBS staff. They also build a relationship with their child’s Big. By working together, the parent/guardian, the Big, and BBBS create the most meaningful match for the child.

Parents and guardians stand with us to ignite the power and potential of youth in our community.

To parents and guardians of Littles in our program: thank you. You make our work possible.

Could someone little in your life use a Big? We are now enrolling new Littles. Learn more here.


Relationships between parents/guardians and children change for everyone over the course of their lives. Today, we celebrate those who have stepped into the role of being a parent/guardian in any way.

For Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mother’s Day encompasses all of the wonderfully diverse ways a mother figure shows up in our lives: traditionally and untraditionally, biologically and non-biologically, female and otherwise.

When we acknowledge mothering as an action rather than a status, every mother figure gets to be celebrated.

To some people, this holiday may not feel like a day worth celebrating at all. It can invoke feelings of deep sadness, anger, or apathy. We recognize that every feeling surrounding this holiday is valid and worth acknowledging, no matter what it is.

To each of you who generously give of your time, resources, and attention to lovingly invest in the future and development of others, Happy Mother’s Day!