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Are you ready to help a child change their life for the better, forever?

We’re devoting a lot of time to the agency’s goal of matching 300 additional children with Bigs during 2017. We’ve set this increased goal because there are so many children who would benefit from the guidance of a mentor.

Could you be the right mentor for one of the children on our waiting list?

Whatever your availability, our programs are flexible to meet your schedule and time commitments. Our programs:

Community-based mentoring

Individuals, couples, and families are matched with a Little (age 6 and older) to share experiences throughout the community. By meeting at least twice a month for two hours each time for at least one year, the Big is able to introduce the Little to new people, places and ideas.

Site-based mentoring

There are two types of site-based mentoring: Bigs in Business and Bigs in Schools.In Bigs in Business, middle and high school students are transported to the workplace to spend time with their mentors on the job. Matches meet two times a month for at least two school years to develop and grow their friendship.In Bigs in Schools, mentors spend part of their work day with their Little at a nearby elementary or middle school to play games, help with school work, and simply talk about the student’s day. They meet two to four times a month for 45 minutes to an hour at lunch or another convenient time. Bigs are asked to commit to mentoring their Little for at least two school years.

We would appreciate talking with you about how you could become a Big. For more information, please call 269-382-6800, email, or visit