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Meet the Team: Regina Miller

Meet Regina Miller, BBBS’ Director of Corporate Operations. Regina oversees the Administration team, and is responsible for the operations of the agency and assisting each department with their individual needs.


Growing up, Regina had many friends who participated in the program. She loved seeing the impact their mentors had on them. It was purely by coincidence that she landed here, and she remains steadfast in her passion for the mission.

Regina became familiar with BBBS’ mission firsthand when she was 14 years old. “I was introduced to BBBS through the Youth Opportunities, Unlimited (Y.O.U.) program, which placed me here at my very first job at our old location on Howard Street,” Regina explains. “Later on in life, my career came full-circle when I landed a job here working on the Administration team under our longest standing employee, Sherry Butler, in 2007.”


Outside of work, Regina enjoys spending time with her family and friends. A mother to three beautiful children, Regina describes herself as very family oriented. “I love planning outings and having parties for my family and friends! I feel like I am always hosting something,” Regina smiles.


When asked what her favorite part of working at BBBS is, Regina did not hesitate: “The staff! Getting an opportunity to meet, educate, train, and mentor staff here at the organization is really wonderful. We have such a great team.

Regina strives to build a positive, empowering culture within the organization that impacts not just the families we serve, but also the families who work here. “The world is shifting and changing all the time, and I’d love to see our agency move toward a more non-traditional work environment,” she muses. “I want to be a part of that change not just at our agency, but also within the HR support groups I’m a part of.”


Regina spent time as a Big Sister in the Education Reconnect program, where she mentored another young mother. The relationship they built during this grant-funded initiative was strong, and they stay in touch to this day. “When we catch up, it’s like we haven’t spent any time away from each other,” Regina shares, smiling.

All three of her children have also participated in our program as Littles. Whether through site-based pairing or specialized initiatives like Bigs in Business or Community-Based mentoring, their matches have been beneficial to each of them. Today, her middle daughter aspires to become a Big herself.

“I love our program. I believe in our program. I know that our program works” Regina says. “I believe that each one teaches one. Sharing information with someone else is as life changing for the Big as it is for the Little… I cannot recommend our program enough.”