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Staff Spotlight: Kori Jock

This month, the Staff Spotlight is on Kori Jock, our resident hula-hooping aficionado (check out her skills here and turn up the volume to hear her belly laugh).

Name:  Kori Jock

Position: Director of Fund Development

Start date with BBBS: March 21, 2017

Town I grew up in: White Lake, Michigan

Favorite part of working at BBBS: Connecting with people whose lives have been touched by the agency, whether through their involvement as Littles, Bigs, volunteers, donors or supporters. I continue to be astounded by the impact a Big can have on a Little’s life and their trajectory in the world!

Interests: Sewing, social justice, belly laughs, hula-hooping

Fun fact about me: I finally learned to whistle at 27. I make underwear out of repurposed t-shirts and have been mentioned in Redbook Magazine, ESPNw and the Huffington Post for my entrepreneurial work.

Words I live by: “Sometimes you have to go out on a limb because that’s where all the fruit is.” – Bob Ross