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You Make a Big Difference

In a year of twists and turns, you have proven that we are Bigger Together.

Your support has been a lifeline, keeping our Littles and their families connected to their Bigs and community resources, and empowering resilience.

When the coronavirus crisis first started and we had to cancel fundraising events, you answered the call, providing support to keep our families connected to community resources like free food and computers. Read Angel and Sarah’s story here.

This summer, your support helped our Littles get ready for the school year, with some normalcy.

Since the school year has started, and so many workplaces and schools are still working or learning remotely, your support has also helped us pivot.

Historically, Big/Little matches in many of our programs have only been allowed to meet onsite at one of our business partner sites or school partners.

With COVID-19 impacting the ability for matches to meet this way, all matches are transitioning to a model that allows them to meet virtually or one-on-one out in the community depending on State/CDC guidelines and comfort level of the Big, Little and Little’s family.

This is a Herculean undertaking that involves additional interviews with Bigs and parents, reference checks, and even another match meeting, introducing the matches to their new rules.

And your support has made it happen. Little Sister Hailee and Big Sister Deanne, pictured above at their match meeting, were just reconnected after months apart sprinkled with handwritten letters. Deanne says, “It was refreshing for Hailee and I to reconnect virtually and pick up where we left off! I missed just being present… and listening to what’s on her mind.”

Without you, 96 other matches, like Hailee and Deanne, might not be able to continue meeting in the new COVID landscape.You make it possible, from your financial support, to your volunteerism, to your sharing our emails and social media posts.

Thank you for the myriad ways you support Big Brothers Big Sisters.

You are igniting the power and promise of youth, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

In gratitude,

Amy Kuchta
Chief Executive Officer