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Celebrating Local Black Heroes: Angela Anderson

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Michigan is proud to celebrate Local Black Heroes in honor of Black History Month. Please join us on social media and throughout the month on our website to learn more about the impact local heroes have in your community.

As time passes and she reflects on her life and mentors, Angela Anderson has noticed just how much she has in common with her mother. A strong faith, desire to see the underdog win, and the ambition to live out her dreams are just a few of their notable similarities.

Building Dialogue and Encouraging Success

Formally, Anderson is an entrepreneur, having started the philanthropic entity, Butterfly Diamond Collective, a life coach, and Notary Public. She is also a radio personality with the Touch 95.5 FM and 1660 AM. Her work, however, proves that there is much more to her than titles. Anderson uses these platforms as a way to bring light to people who may be struggling, and open up dialogue on important topics such as self-care and finding one’s potential.

Anderson’s radio show, “Speak On It” does just that. Touting itself as “an informational bridge that will connect you to current issues and events of local interest along with health topics and other thought-provoking matters,” you can hear Anderson in action on the Touch 95.5 FM and 1660 AM on Saturdays from noon to 2PM or check out past episodes here.

She is an encourager, and a resource that allows individuals and organizations to share their contributions to audiences both big and small. “I love to encourage every success others make,” she says. This is clear in the connections she makes in “Speak On It” and how she raises the voices and stories of others in the community.

From Trials to Testimonies

The idea of ‘giving back’ has deep meaning for Anderson. She notes, “…It is much more than tangible things! I love to be a listening ear…being present in the moment of someone sharing their heart with you…”  She sees the hurt, trauma, and esteem issues in people and helps them realize that these trials can be part of their testimonies.

“We all have a story,” she says, “[but] it’s how we choose to receive help to identify root causes, and learn to apply the necessary tools that will help someone break free from the grip of lowliness in their life.”

“My heart’s desire is to see people win!”

Anderson hopes to empower people to be themselves. “Our individual paths in life shape us for our moments to shine,” she says. She continues, “My heart’s desire is to see people win!” A desire that she is determined to cultivate in every person she meets.

*Back in December Anderson used her radio show to pay tribute to Dorothy P. Young, previously featured on Celebrating Local Black Heroes. Look for the December 19, 2020 episode of “Speak On It” here.

Find Local Black Heroes throughout the month of February on social media and on our website and visit for more information about how you can ignite the power and potential of youth in Southwest Michigan.