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Meet the Team: Asmina Sainju

Meet Asmina Sainju, Events Assistant at Big Brothers Big Sisters. Asmina, who moved to Kalamazoo in May 2022 from Nepal, helps oversee the logistics and organization of all of BBBS’ fundraising events.


Asmina connected with Big Brothers Big Sisters through the Bronco’s Lead program in June 2023 as an Events Intern. The Bronco’s Lead program connects Western Michigan University students with local businesses to gain “resume-worthy, network building” intern experience.

The idea of working for Big Brothers Big Sisters is what drew her in. She explains, “I did some research about Big Brothers Big Sisters before the intern interviews started. When I realized I had the opportunity to gain experience in the field and give back to the community, I knew it was going to be a great fit.

Asmina wearing a formal gown and sunglasses.
Asmina in full glam in the parking lot at Hotel Himalaya in Nepal before her brother's wedding.


When asked what her favorite part of working at BBBS is, Asmina explains, “I love getting to interact with sponsors and volunteers at events and learning about the ways they’re connected with the agency,” she smiles. “It’s so fun to interact and get to know them!”

The opportunity to witness people building community at work is also ranked among her favorite things. “Seeing all of the ways people here are connected with one another has really inspired me to get to know people and learn why they do what they do. I want to do the same thing and build a community for myself,” she shares.

Asmina stands smiling with some family members in front of Niagara Falls.
From the left: Asmina's brother, Asmina, dad, and mom, standing in front of Niagara Falls in Canada.


A double major in Computer Information & Leadership and Business Strategy on top of working means that downtime is a bit of a foreign concept to Asmina Sainju these days. However, in the rare moments of down time that she gets, Asmina recharges by spending time alone, watching TV or movies. Outside of that, she loves to travel. “My dad is in the hotel industry in Nepal, so I was very fortunate to travel a lot throughout my life.”

Her favorite place to visit? Kenya! “We last visited when I was quite young, but I’ve never forgotten it. The scenery, the safari… It’s a different world, and it’s so beautiful,” Asmina reminisces.


Asmina would encourage anyone who is considering becoming a Big to make the leap. “There’s always tremendous support from the staff,” Asmina explains. “It’s a great experience, and building a relationship with a Little is so valuable.”