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2024 Site Coordinators of the Year

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Michigan (BBBS) is thrilled to announce this year’s Site Coordinators of the Year! Congratulations to Ms. Khalimah Williams and Mr. Andre Johnson! Out of 27 total site coordinators, Khalimah and Andre were chosen as Site Coordinators of the Year for their contributions to the BBBS programming at their schools. Their dedication, warm personalities, and passion for wanting to see their students succeed are just the tip of the iceberg for why they were selected.

Khalimah’s Commitment

Khalimah, Site Coordinator of the Bigs in Schools program at Prairie Ridge Elementary (Kalamazoo Public Schools), stands out for her genuine care for her students. Her dedication to BBBS’ Bigs in Schools program, paired with her ability to connect with everyone she meets, has made her a cornerstone of the program’s success.

Khalimah’s efforts go beyond selecting Littles for the program; she has been instrumental in recruiting all of the adult mentors for the program, too. Dee, Mentoring Relationship Specialist for the Prairie Ridge program, shares, “Khalimah shows genuine care and kindness to every student that comes to her office, no matter how busy she is. She takes the time to stop and listen. I honestly wish we could clone her.

Khalimah, with youth in the Prairie Ridge HS Bigs Program.

Andre’s Impact

Andre Johnson, Site Coordinator for the Battle Creek STEM Innovation Center, shares this honor for his exceptional work with the High School Bigs program. This program pairs Battle Creek Central High School Bigs with BC STEM Innovation Center Littles.

Andre’s strengths lie in his great communication skills and his ability to forge strong relationships with all of the students he interacts with. His passion for the BBBS program and commitment throughout the school year has been unwavering. Andre has demonstrated organizational skills and has an easygoing nature, making collaboration smooth and productive. Brooklyn, Senior Mentoring Relationship Specialist for the BC STEM program, shares, “Andre is a great communicator, he’s organized and easy to work with. Andre has positive relationships with his students and their parents/guardians. He has gone above and beyond to make sure that the BBBS program is successful at his school. When it’s time to recruit new Littles for the program, Andre’ wastes no time reaching out to his students’ parents/guardians.

Andre, holding balloons and a certificate.

A Heartfelt Congratulations

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to both Khalimah and Andre for their well-deserved recognition as the 2024 Site Coordinators of the Year. Their hard work, dedication, and passion have made a profound impact on their students and the BBBS program. Thank you, Khalimah and Andre, for all you do! Your contributions are inspiring, and we are grateful for your commitment to making a difference in the lives of so many students.