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Do Something Big

A college of 6 photos of matches.

Right now, 1 in 3 kids in America don’t have a sustained, positive mentor in their lives.
Right now, 100 local kids are on the waiting list, ready to be matched with their mentor.
Right now, you can make a positive difference.

As adults, we know how hard growing up can be. What would your childhood have been like if you had just one more adult who believed in you?

Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs local youth (who we call Littles) with adult mentors (who we call Bigs). These mentors act as additional role models in the child’s life, walking alongside them, igniting their potential. Each match is assigned to a Mentoring Relationship Specialist (MRS), who provides coaching and support to everyone involved every step of the way.

You can empower potential and help clear the path to a child’s biggest possible future.

Will you begin today and do something BIG?