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Meet the Big Duos Match: Dylan, Jason, and Lindsay

Every child has potential and could benefit from having an additional role model to help ignite it. When you volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, like Jason and Lindsay do, you can be that spark. Sign up as a Big today and you can help a child (Little) fully realize the potential they’ve had all along.

Congratulations to Dylan, Jason, and Lindsay on their new mentoring friendship! Dylan, Jason, and Lindsay are matched in BBBS’ Big Duos program. In this program, two people (best friends, partners, co-workers, spouses, or siblings) mentor a young person together for at least two hours, twice per month. Together, they build a friendship that empowers the youth to realize and own their potential.


Dylan, Jason, and Lindsay met in February. Dylan’s mom enrolled him in the program because she has seen the power of mentoring through Dylan’s sister who is also matched with a Big. She knew Dylan could benefit from having a mentor as well.

Dylan, a talkative and outgoing freshman in Plainwell, loves video games, cars, and being outside. He enjoys basketball, animals, and going out to eat. After graduation, he plans to attend the Michigan Career and Technical Institute.

Jason, who works at Perrigo, loves house projects, riding bikes, and trying new things. His wife, Lindsay, is on staff at Allegan High School and loves puzzles, sports, and reading. This duo was motivated to become mentors because they love kids and know how big of an impact a mentor can have!

Their shared love for being active, spending time outside, and trying new things makes them all a great match!


Potential mentor/mentee matches are all thought through carefully. Each Little/Big pair has something in common, which acts as a foundation for them to build their friendship on. We call this “intentional matching.” This focus and care help ensure match quality and longevity.

For Dylan, Jason, and Lindsay, that foundation is their love for spending time outdoors and being active. Paired with their shared love for Culver’s and trying new things, they are sure to have a great time together! Learn more about “intentional matching” and how each Little/Big match is created here.

Congratulations, Dylan, Jason, and Lindsay! We are so happy to support your match, and can’t wait to hear about all of the fun things you do together!

If you know a child that would benefit from a Big please click here. If you’d like to become a Big, or you know someone who’d make a great Big, please click here.