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Give Big Futures

Hunter, John, and Natasha

For Little Brother Hunter, his mentor John is more than a Big Brother. He is a confidant, a joker, and, according to Hunter, impressively good at losing at cribbage.

For Hunter’s mom, Natasha, John is more than just a mentor— he’s another support for her son. Being a teenager can be hard. Natasha says, “[John] reminds [Hunter] of the positive things. Hunter will listen to John and John will tell him that his mom is right.

For John, mentoring Hunter is more than a volunteer opportunity- it’s a part of his growth. He says, “[Being a Big] adds to my life’s purpose… He has taught me the ability to not give up.”

Hunter and John stand outside, arms around one another's shoulders, smiling at the camera

It’s more than a gift.

“Throughout my life, John has been there for me.” Hunter knows John will be there for him, just like he has been over the last five years.

But what if his Big weren’t there?

Thanks to supporters just like you, John and Hunter were able to stay connected through a time that felt unpredictable.

Your gift also sustains these matches so that they can navigate anything the future holds, whether it’s another pandemic, or planning for the future, like Hunter. Your support is more than a gift: it’s another space allowing a young person to be heard.

Every moment that I’ve spent with him has felt special. Hunter, about his Big Brother John

Big Futures

After just a year of being matched with a mentor, Littles like Hunter have stronger relationships with peers and family, and increased self-confidence.

“It makes me happy too, whenever I see him, to be honest. He makes me laugh a lot.” Hunter teases John about his “people skills” and “acting like a 16 year old” over homework. The sarcasm and humor flies between the two. But it’s more than just homework, fun, and games.

“We talk about the future a lot,” Hunter shares. He’s got big ideas for his future. Like many young people, he’s exploring his options. He’s considering the Marines and has hopes to eventually become a doctor or a welder.

Hunter and John, sitting at a table inside, working on Hunter's homework together.

Your support has helped make sure that John has been there for Hunter, and that he’ll continue to be. Additionally, your support means that matches like John and Hunter’s will continue to receive professional coaching and support for their friendship from our team.

Your gift unlocks more of what a young person has to offer the world.

Please make a gift now to make a big difference in a Little’s future.

In gratitude,

Amy Kuchta
CEO and Big Sister to Chloe