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Celebrating Local Black Heroes: Jahdal Johnson aka DJ Conscious (Video)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Michigan is proud to celebrate Local Black Heroes in honor of Black History Month. Join us on social media and our website throughout February to learn more about the impact of local heroes in your community.

Meet Jahdal and keep watching after his interview for a short set to hear DJ Conscious’s artistry!

Jahdal Johnson, also known as DJ Conscious, was born in Atlanta and moved to Kalamazoo when he was 8 years old. Johnson, whose music can be described as a mix of reggae, hip-hop, R&B, and funk, is often found performing at city festivals, fundraisers, corporate events, and weddings.

A father, entrepreneur, musician, and ally, Johnson’s passion for serving his community is evident- not just through the music he creates, but by the ways he gives back.


Johnson shares that he is always a father first and had many role models growing up. Mr. Charles Parker, a former karate teacher at the Y, immediately comes to his mind. Further, Coach Ollie and Mr. Sid Ellis offered him advice and mentoring to become the man he is today.

Their pursuit in assisting Johnson achieve his goals has created a ripple effect in Kalamazoo. Due to his mentors’ impact on his life, Johnson gives back to his community as often as he can, and is motivated by helping people achieve their goals.

Making a Positive Impact

My goal while I still have breath in my lungs is to motivate and inspire others to have the confidence… to chase their dreams and reach them… then set new ones and reach those, too.” He loves to see other people’s dreams come to fruition. His “sole purpose” is to motivate and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves.

Johnson consistently gives back. From volunteering at interfaith and at-risk youth homes to helping with gun buy-back programs and water drives, Johnson loves serving the community. His generous efforts makes a deep and memorable impact on the city of Kalamazoo. He looks forward to being able to do more at the end of the pandemic.


When asked to share a personal mantra, Johnson shares: “Wish for nothing, work for everything.” He explains that there are people who have big wishes, and there are people who are willing to put in the work to achieve their big wishes. Johnson inspires and encourages those around him to put in the work to make their dreams a reality. His deep impact on the people of Kalamazoo makes our community a more wholesome, beautiful place.

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