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Meet the Team: Jessie Reyes

Meet Jessie Reyes, BBBS’ Marketing Coordinator. A mom, wife, and birth doula outside of the office, Jessie oversees BBBSMI’s social media, blog, and website. Her skills in writing and design turned a hobby into a central part of her career.


Jessie led the Bigs in Schools program until COVID-19 caused it to shut down temporarily. She then started working in Program Quality, where she worked closely with the Mentoring Team to move matches to the virtual realm. When BBBS’ former Director of Marketing, Pagan Poggione, found out that she liked to write, she asked Jessie if she would be interested in writing Local Black Heroes blog features for Black History Month.

“I was like, ‘Sure, okay,’ then it became more and more. ‘Do you want to write social media copy? Are you interested in creating graphics?’ I just kept saying okay and fell in love with the work. I really love the opportunity to use my creative side to help achieve the mission – I’m still serving youth; I’m just working in a different area.”

Jessie, Kenny, and Forest stand in front of the Mackinaw Bridge at sunset.
Jessie with her husband Kenny and their son Forest, on their annual trip to the Mackinaw Bridge.


Outside of the office, Jessie loves being outdoors. Whether it be trail riding, camping, or gardening, Jessie explains, “Nature is such a gift! Just leave me outside in the sun and I am happy as a clam.” Being with her close friends, and spending time with her husband Kenny and their 6-year-old son, Forest, also bring her joy.

“Riding the waves of his interests is so fun. He’s super into building with LEGOs, and he loves camping and going trail riding with us… He’s a blast, and every day is something new to discover with him,” she smiles.


Jessie’s ability to include her passions in her work extends outside BBBS. She serves on the worship team at her church and has been a birth doula since February 2020. “I am passionate about supporting birthing people and new families during such a vulnerable, intense, and life changing moment of their lives,” she shares.

Though she’s not a Big herself, Jessie Reyes feels that it only benefits everyone involved. “There’s so much value in being willing to be a part of somebody’s life,” says Jessie. “I think what people miss so often is that there’s so much in it for the adult. There are so many things to learn from these kids and so much value they can add to your life, that I don’t think we talk about enough. I don’t think people realize that you get as much as you give out of this relationship.