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Urgent COVID-19 Help Needed

Dear Friend,

I don’t normally share concerns with you like this, but these are challenging times.

COVID-19 is devastating our families’ incomes and upending daily life for our Littles. In these times of fear and anxiety, a trusted mentor and team championing their children’s health and success is more important than ever.

Please make a gift of today to support our Littles and Bigs through this crisis.

With school cancelled, Jenelle was worried about where her daughter, Little Sister Tamara would get lunch. Their Match Support Specialist helped Jenelle problem solve in the crisis and find food that Jenelle was able to access.

Your gift today will help us keep our virtual doors open to provide support for families like Jenelle’s who might otherwise be facing this alone.

Tamara is just one Little on our caseload. There are more than 457 others who are also facing the devastation of this pandemic. Our Match Support Specialists serve as a hub for hundreds of families—providing resources for those who may be affected by loss of income, food insecurity, lack of healthcare, and anxiety due to the uncertainties related to COVID-19.

Our budget did not account for cancellation of the Bowl for Kids’ Sake events and the revenue disruption COVID-19 has presented. But even as we shelter in place, we’re still meeting kids’ needs.

Please make a gift today to help keep Tamara and Jenelle and other families connected to their Bigs and the other resources our staff provide.

Thank you for
your generous support in this time of need.


Amy Kuchta