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Meet the Match: Izaiah and Wally

Congratulations to Little Brother Izaiah and Big Brother Wally on their new mentoring friendship! They are a Community Match, which means this mentor/mentee pair spends time together in the community for at least two hours, twice per month.

You might remember Izaiah from our 2020 Virtual Fire & Ice Holiday Ball. While he waited for a mentor, he shared some amazing ideas for his “perfect day” with a Big. He was matched with a Big shortly afterward.

Since then, his Big has moved away. Izaiah wanted a new mentor because he loves the program so much. He explains that his ideal Big would be someone who is energetic, outgoing, and talkative. Wally is that Big!

Crochet, arcade games, and archery!

Izaiah and Wally met in July. Their outgoing, enthusiastic personalities are just one reason our team paired the two.

Wally, a PCA Coordinator at Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E., enjoys camping, being outside, and is even teaching himself how to crochet! Wally loves helping others, and spent time working as a camp counselor. 

Izaiah, a hard-working 13-year-old, is involved in Scouts, loves archery, and plays piano. He is looking forward to trying out for basketball this school year.

After his last match, Izaiah is excited to build a strong connection with Wally. During their individual enrollment interviews, they both shared that they want to explore Kalamazoo and try new things.


Potential mentor/mentee matches are all thought through carefully. Each Little/Big pair has something in common, which acts as a foundation for them to build their friendship on. We call this “intentional matching.” This focus and care helps ensure match quality and longevity.

In Izaiah and Wally’s match, that foundation is their energetic personalities and desire to stay active in the community.

Learn more about “intentional matching” and how each Little/Big pair is created here.


Big Brothers Big Sisters asks its matches to define goals they would like to accomplish as part of their match. Each match discusses new goals annually.

Izaiah and Wally identified the following goals:

  • Navigate life together through Izaiah’s teen years
  • Attend sporting events together
  • Explore Kalamazoo together and check out places they’ve never been

Congratulations, Izaiah and Wally! We are so happy to support your match, and can’t wait to hear about all of the places you explore!

If you know a child that would benefit from a Big please click here. If you’d like to become a Big, or you know someone who’d make a great Big, please click here.