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Meet the Match: Jessie & Cortney

Every child has potential and could benefit from having an additional role model to help ignite it. When you volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, like Cortney does, you can be that spark. Sign up as a Big today and you can help a child (Little) fully realize the potential they’ve had all along.

Congratulations to Little Sister Jessie and Big Sister Cortney on their new mentoring friendship! They are a Community Match, meaning this mentor/mentee pair spends time together in the community for at least two hours, twice a month.


Jessie and Cortney met in May. Their shared love for arts and crafts, swimming, and being out in the community make them a great pair.

Jessie, a 9-year-old in Kalamazoo, loves yoga, riding bikes, and swimming. A self-proclaimed girly-girl, Jessie wanted to be matched because her biological sister has been in a successful match for the last 5 years. She was a little bit shy upon meeting Cortney for the first time, but warmed up quickly and spent part of their meeting showing off her best yoga moves!

Cortney, a scientific writer at Perrigo, loves longboarding, going for hikes, shopping, and spending time at the beach. When she first learned about Jessie she was excited to meet this fun-loving, energetic girl and knew they would make a great match.

Since meeting, this duo has enjoyed watching movies together and spending time at the children’s museum!


Potential mentor/mentee matches are all thought through carefully. Each Little/Big pair has something in common, which acts as a foundation for them to build their friendship on. We call this “intentional matching.” This focus and care help ensure match quality and longevity.

In Jessie and Cortney’s match, that foundation is their love for spending time in the community. They are sure to have a great time together! Learn more about “intentional matching” and how each Little/Big pair is created here.

Congratulations, Jessie and Cortney! We are so happy to support your match, and can’t wait to hear about all of the fun things you do together!

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