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Meet the Match: Michael and Dominic

Congratulations to Little Brother Michael and Big Brother Dominic! Michael and Dominic are a High School Bigs match in Gull Lake Community Schools, which means they spend time together on a weekly basis at Michael’s school.


Michael and Dominic met at the beginning of March and knew right away that they had something in common- they’re both twins!

Dominic, a junior in high school, is a part of the National Honor Society. He plays soccer at school and with a community soccer club. Dominic wanted to become a Big after spending time coaching kids’ soccer. He loves the way kids love to have fun!

Michael is in 2nd grade and loves superheroes, dancing, and singing. He wants to be a soccer player when he grows up! Before he was matched with Dominic, he explained that he thought the best part of having a Big Brother would be having someone to play games with.


Potential matches are all thought through carefully. Bigs and Littles who are paired have something in common or another foundation upon which to build their friendship. We call this “intentional matching.” In Michael and Dominic’s case, that foundation is being twins and loving sports! This focus and care help ensure match quality and longevity.


In the High School Bigs program, elementary-aged Littles are mentored by high school students. Both the Little and the Big benefit from the mentor/mentee relationship, and the Big also benefits from developing their social, leadership, and future career skills.


Big Brothers Big Sisters asks each of its matches to define goals they would like to accomplish as part of their match. Matches discuss new goals on an annual basis. Michael and Dominic identified the following goals:

  • Improve Michael’s hockey skills
  • Play basketball together
  • Play games together

Congratulations, Michael and Dominic! We are so happy to support your match, and cannot wait to hear about all of the fun you get up to!

If you know a child that would benefit from a Big please click here. If you’d like to become a Big, or you know someone who’d make a great Big, please click here.