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Board Member Spotlight: Kari Brown

The Board Member Spotlight is on Kari Brown.

How long you’ve been on the board? I’ve been on board since November 2017.

Place of employment and title: PNC Bank – Branch Manager/Vice President

Why do you support Big Brothers Big Sisters? I was blessed with a single mom who encouraged me every day but growing up I saw many kids with great potential wither under the power of negative words, never knowing what greatness was within them. It was so rewarding as a Big Sister through the organization to be a part of a group that’s purpose is to ignite and support a child’s passion and drive. Now as a donor and board member, I have the opportunity to share in the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters to support enduring relationships that encourage kids to believe that they hold the power to achieve all their dreams.

Fun fact about you: I have a cherished “Play Like a Champion Today” picture hanging in my office with an authentic Lou Holtz autograph; it’s protected by the bank’s security system and is a great conversation starter.

Words you live by: “Live out of your imagination, not your history.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

Thank you, Kari, for changing lives with Big Brothers Big Sisters!