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Board Member Spotlight: Terry Burleson

In this month’s Board Member Spotlight we feature Terry Burleson.

Time on board: I joined the board on October 6, 2015

Place of employment and title: Program Manager, Battle Creek College Access Network

Why do you support the agency: I serve and support Big Brothers Big Sisters because I know firsthand the powerful impact that mentorship can have on a young person’s life. Having the security of knowing that someone is rooting for your success, being introduced to new ideas and experiences, and learning the benefits of strong interpersonal relationships can change a young person’s life in profound ways. Successful mentorship yields positive change in perpetuity.

Fun fact: At the beginning of my semester studying abroad in 2009, I watched Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration in Seville, Spain, and still have the local Spanish Newspaper (Diario de Sevilla) celebrating the historic moment. He was later selected to be our commencement speaker at the University of Michigan in 2010.

Words you live by: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” ~ Albert Einstein

Thank you, Terry, for changing lives with Big Brothers Big Sisters!