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Little Brother Izaiah’s New Big

You met Little Brother Izaiah during Bowl for Kids’ Sake Live this past summer. He, along with 200 other youth like him, was on the waitlist to be matched with a Big.

During our virtual Fire & Ice Holiday Ball this past weekend, we made the exciting announcement that Izaiah has finally been matched! Izaiah and his Mentoring Relationship Specialist, Gabby, shared his experience of being matched with his new Big Brother Anoop. You can watch their segment in the video above.

Thank you to Robin Hook, the voice of the Western Michigan University Broncos, for his introduction.

Izaiah and Anoop were matched because they both enjoy playing video games, playing sports and being active. He is excited to teach Anoop all he knows about the art of fencing and both of them are looking forward to exploring new sports together.

Izaiah is 11 years old and is in the 5th grade. He is active and determined and loves to play video games and read. He is involved in activities in the community and participates in Cub Scouts and fencing. 

Anoop is in his second year residency for Child Psychology at Western Michigan University. He enjoys playing video games, soccer, football and catch.

At the match meeting where they were introduced, Izaiah and Anoop set these goals for the first year of their match:

  • Play video games
  • Explore different sports together
  • Develop a trusting and fun mentor/mentee relationship

You can ignite a local child’s potential. Learn how to become a Big here.