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Meet Little Sister Takara and Big Sister Sonja

Last month, Little Sister Takara and Big Sister Sonja were matched due to their shared love of being active and doing arts and crafts.

During their first match meeting, they stayed 6 feet apart and wore masks to keep each other safe. These safety protocols are part of the updated Match Agreement that every Big and Little have to sign before being permitted to meet in person.

Takara loves staying active. She enjoys playing playing basketball, swimming, skating, and doing gymnastics. She also loves making art and cooking.

Sonja is a very active person as well. She loves to run and frequently participates in marathons. She likes to read, listen to podcasts, and make art during her free time.

Big Brothers Big Sisters asks each of its matches to define 3 goals for their first year being paired. Takara and Sonja’s goals are:

  1. Explore new hobbies together
  2. Get involved in their community
  3. Takara will teach Sonja about the video game, Fortnite

During this time full of so much uncertainty, it is critical to keep children connected with caring adults who share their skills and help ignite their Littles’ potential.

You can ignite a child’s potential here in our community. Learn how to become a Big here.