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Meet the Match: Terry and Ryan

Meet our first new Big/Little mentor/mentee match of 2022: Terry and Ryan!

Our team matched Terry and Ryan because of their shared love of sports, video games, and science.


Terry and Ryan are matched in our High School Bigs program in partnership with the Gull Lake School district. This program matches high school student mentors (Bigs) with elementary school student mentees (Littles). The mentoring relationship takes place at the elementary school.

This program is unique as it has dual outcomes: not only do the Littles benefit from having a Big, but the High School Bigs also benefit: the program promotes the attainment of a high school graduation credential and prepares them for post-secondary success by developing their social and leadership skills.


Ryan is a junior and aspiring chiropractor. When we asked him why he wanted to be a Big he explained that he knew that without the influence of his older brother, he wouldn’t be who he is today. He shares that to him, being a mentor means being a role model, and helping a child learn qualities they will need to be successful later on in life.

Terry is a 4th grade student and aspiring archeologist. He has a deep love of science. Before being matched with Ryan, Terry explained that he would like to be matched so he could have someone to try different science experiments with, as well as someone to hang out with.


We ask all of our matches to set some goals together at the beginning of their match, then annually after that. In their first year together this match would like to:

  • Work on Terry’s self-confidence and social skills
  • Be physically active and play football and soccer together
  • Work on Terry’s math and reading skills

We are eager to support Terry and Ryan as they navigate their new friendship. Ryan will empower Terry’s potential over the course of the next two school years, and we cannot wait to hear about their time together.

Do you know someone who would make a great Big, like Ryan? Send them this blog post, and tell them why you think they would make a great Big! You can also send them to our website to get signed up.